When my Forno Classico clients receive their pizza ovens you can feel their excitement. We’ve spent time together talking about what they want to cook, what features they want, and any customizations to the oven or exterior mosaic design. And for me, once their oven is built and we ship it, it’s like a piccolo nascita (little birth). Because our ovens are hand-built, brick by brick, a small piece of me, Giuseppe, goes into every oven delivered to our happy, pizza-loving, customers.

The first thing I’m always asked about once the oven arrives is how to get it ready to use. Makes sense, right? How do I cure the oven, the process that removes moisture within the walls and the floor of the oven by slowly increasing the heat over a period of time to build up to a high heat temperature. Next, they often ask, how do I build a fire in my wood-fired pizza oven. A process that’s pretty simple once you know my olive oil trick!

Then we get to how do I use my oven, which translated means: how do I make pizza! While our ovens can be used for cooking many delicious foods — roast chicken, bread, steaks, Pasta al Forno alla Siciliana, and roasted veggies — pizza is what they love and what they want to know how to make. Yes, I have my own special dough recipe that I share. As I tell my customers, be patient, it takes time to become a pizzaiolo (pizza maker) and practice is the best teacher. I love hearing about their pizza-making skills and how their oven is a social centerpiece in their home. Famiglia e amici insieme — Family and Friends together

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