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Residential Modular Oven

Residential Modular Forno Classico Brick Oven

Forno Classico is styled after the traditional wood fired terra cotta ovens used in Italy for traditional home cooking and in commercial pizzarias and trattorias.Forno Classico features include terra cotta fire brick construction for the dome and cooking floor and contemporary refractory materials for insulation and heat maintenance.Forno Classico is designed for permanent installation and utilizes an innovative two-step assembly method.The hand built refractory brick dome arrives complete with 4 handles built into the the oven for ease in positioning the dome over the brick cooking floor. This insures the integrity of the oven and frees the client from a complicated multi-part fabrication.Forno Classico is a thing of beauty recalling the centuries old tradition of the hand built oven.  And, most importantly imparts the flavor and texture unique to the Italian wood fired ovens. The ovens can also ordered fully finished and ready to go, so you can have it delivered and be ready to go.

Oven Construction

  • Hand Built Brick Low Dome Ideal For Napoletana Pizza
  • Hand Built Brick  Arch
  • Cast iron door
  • Manifold
  • Insulation (high grade fibre ceramic blanket)
  • Refractory mortar (for sealing outer joints)
  • Installation instructions
  • Stainless steel flue 900mm length and rainhat
  • 2″ Custom Refractory Terra Cotta Cast Clay Cooking Floor
Brick Oven Forno Classico

Wood Fired Oven Forno Classico 100

Forno Classico Modular Oven Kit

Modular Ovens Prices

Forno Classico
25” Cooking Surface

Forno Classico
32” cooking surface
$ 2500.00

Forno Classico
40” cooking surface
$ 2800.00

Forno Classico
48” cooking surface


Modular Brick Oven Forno Classico

Modular Brick Oven Forno Classico

forno classico modular oven

forno classico modular oven

wood fired oven forno classico modular dome oven

wood fired oven forno classico modular dome oven


Pizza capacity

Forno 65:  1 12″ pizzas 
 2 bread 1 roasting pans 1 small turkey

Forno 80: 2 – 12″ pizzas 
 4 bread 2 roasting pans 1 small turkey

Forno 100: 3 – 12″ pizzas 
 6 bread 2 roasting pans 1 large turkey

Forno 120: 8 – 12″ pizzas 
 10 bread 3 roasting pans 2 large turkeys and a roasting pan