Price: $ 7,595.00
In certain instances we can use tile supplied by the customer as long as it meets specification. Contact us for more information if desired.
The stand is 37 inches high, and includes a shelf for storage of supplies. The stand is designed to accommodate the burner controller. If no stand is selected a burner controller mounting bracket must be installed separately by customer. Burner controller has a stainless steel flex pipe approximately 4 feet in length.
Chimney pipe extends exhaust and helps prevent water entering the oven.
In order to use our ovens Pizza Peels and cooking tools are needed. The correct tools must be used to reduce risk of injury.
There are 3 options for shipping. Residential (Will be delivered to your home curbside) Customer responsible to take delivery at curbside and all costs of instillation. Business (Must have forklift to accommodate 3,000 lb. or loading dock. Unit installed by customer or their contractor t your expense. Local Pick Up (You can pick your oven up from a nearby terminal. Requires flatbed truck or trailer, less expensive than residential and business) We will follow-up with you on information on shipping costs based on address provided in form.
$ 0.00
After this form is submitted, you will be contacted and sent a formal invoice and contract for your purchase. Please make sure you enter your correct contact information so we can contact you. We are not able to process the order until we have contacted you and confirmed your order details. Customer is responsible for all costs associated with oven installation. Delivery of oven is to curbside only. A deposit of 50% is required before fabrication of the oven can begin, and remaining balance due must be paid before the oven is shipped.
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